Bus Ramp Information

Students who are brought to school should not be arriving before 7:45 am.  This is the time that the doors are opened and that staff is here to supervise your child / children.  Having students arrive before 7:45 am does create a safety issue. One way to insure that your child/children arrive at the appropriate time is to have them ride the school bus.  Also, if your child/children are being dropped off by older siblings, please remind them to drive carefully in the parking lot.  Our children are often not easy to see as they cross in front of moving cars.

Also, if you drop your child/children off at school during bus unloading time, please instruct your child/children how to cross the bus lane to get to the sidewalk leading to the school building.  Children need to look carefully and move slowly.  Darting in front of a moving bus only invites tragedy.  The best practice, however, is to escort your child safely into the building.

Please be aware that if you plan to walk in with your child that you need to park in a parking spot, not along the sidewalk as that is noted as a drop-off area only.  If no parking spots are available, you will need to go to either the parking lot in front of the high school or the lot in front of the elementary/middle school building. 

Breakfast starts at 7:30AM.