Board of Education

Front of school with bus parked in front
Phot of seven board members for Southern Door County School District
The Southern Door County School District operates under State of Wisconsin statutes as a Common School District, governed by a seven-member Board of Education elected at large for three-year terms. This policy-making body also sets the school budget and tax levy.

Board Member Contact Info:

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Board Member, Kim Starr
Kim Starr, President
Board Term: 2023-26
[email protected]

Board Member, Janel Veeser
Janel Veeser, Vice President 
Board Term: 2024-27
[email protected]

Board Member photo, Sam Counard
Sam Counard, Treasurer
Board Term: 2023-26
[email protected]

Board Member, Marissa Norton
Marissa Norton,Clerk
Board Term: 2023-26
[email protected]

Board Member, Macaine Bouche
Macaine Bouche, Member
Board Term: 2022-25
[email protected]  

Board Member, Penny Price
Penny Price, Member
Board Term: 2022-25
[email protected]

Board Member, Adam Schopf
Adam Schopf, Member
Board Term: 2024-27
[email protected]

Student Representatives:

Board of Education Student Representative, Ben Grota
Ben Grota, Senior Class Representative
Board Term: 2023-25

Carrie Renard, Junior Class Representative
Board Term: 2024-26