Biometrics/HRA 2023
  • November 2-9, 2023 in the District Office
  • Please review the Health Insurance Premiums Schedule for incentives/surcharges related to Biometrics/HRA completion and health insurance.
    • Both the biometrics screening and on-line health assessment are required by employee for "Meeting Wellness Incentive."
    • Spouses on the insurance plan are not required to participate for the  "Meeting Wellness Incentive" premium, however it is encouraged and available to them at no charge.

Biometrics Appointment Registration and HRA Completion 
The Biometrics appointment registration and HRA completion will be managed through the Prevea360 FitLyfe platform.   

  • Click HERE for directions to access or create your Fitlyfe account
    • Note: the Unique ID is the same for employee and spouse and the system will distinguish between the two using Relationship (Employee = Associate) and Birth Year entered.
  • Click HERE for directions on how to register for biometrics and complete your on-line health risk assessment once you are logged into the FitLyfe platform.
    • Spouses should enter through exterior Door #2.
  • Click HERE for COVID Protocols
  • Please note: the Fitlyfe platform is completely separate from the voluntary Living Healthy Rewards which rewards you and your dependents up to $100-$150. 
  • While the Fitlyfe platform does offer other wellness opportunities within it which you may choose to explore, the only required wellness programs within this platform currently for "Meeting Wellness Incentive" is the biometrics and HRA completion.  HRA Completion due by 11/17/23.

Alternative Physician Form

  • If you choose, this Alternative Physician Form form must be completed and signed by you and your physician/screening provider in order to substitute for the Southern Door Onsite Biometric Screenings and qualify for the wellness premium incentive.  The results must be from testing completed between 5/1/23-11/17/23.

  • Nicotine Certification will be part of the actual biometrics appointment.
  • RAS activities will be offered by American Lung Association and Prevea.
  • The RAS process is offered to ALL participants that do not achieve their initial standard.
  • By completing the appropriate number of RAS each participant will receive the full reward.
  • All RAS activities will be free of charge to the participant or eligible for reimbursement.
  • RAS activity enrollment must be provided to Prevea360 by December 8, 2023 with program completion sent after program completion (whenever that may be).  
    • For confidentiality purposes, this completion/enrollment should be mailed to:  Prevea Health, Attn: Brittany Ingledew, 737 Cormier Rd, Green Bay, WI 54304 or faxed to 920-431-1994 or emailed to [email protected].