Special Education for Parents

FREE TRAINING is available for students, families, and caregivers!
Transition Resources and other opportunities are available in Door County, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and online.

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PARENT LIAISON: Wendy OlsonParent Liaison Wendy Olson and her children

Wendy is the parent of a student in our district, and one of her functions in her role as Parent Liaison is to welcome families who are new to the special education process.  As someone who understands from a parent's perspective what to expect and how to ask for help when it is needed, Wendy will be a great resource to families who have questions, and for whom the special education referral, evaluation, and/or annual IEP process is unfamiliar. We have found that families feel most comfortable in IEP meetings and are best able to advocate for their child’s needs when they fully understand each component of the IEP.  While our school staff and IEP Team Members always take care to address any questions a parent/guardian may have, Wendy is able to serve as an additional resource, offering assistance and a fellow parent’s perspective on the process.  

Reach Wendy via email: [email protected]

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