Educational Options


The Southern Door County School District
Notice of Educational Options
for Children Who Reside in the School District

The Southern Door County School District hereby gives notice, subject to 2015 Act 55 Wisconsin Statutes, of information about educational options and accountability reports to students' families. The District offers a variety of educational options to children who reside in the District. The District's primary educational pathway and instruction program for students involves progress from 4-year-old kindergarten (early learning) through grade 12, leading to a high school diploma

As required by 2015 Wisconsin Act 55 school, school districts are required to publish a description of educational options available to children residing in the district, including public schools, private schools, private schools participating in parental choice program, special needs scholarship program, charter schools, virtual schools, open enrollment, dual enrollment, and options available for home-based private educational program students. The notice must also include the most recent performance category assigned to each school within the school district boundaries and the district accountability report on the District's website.


Educational Options Annual Notice

Public Schools

Southern Door Elementary School | PreK-Grade 5
Southern Door Middle School | Grades 6-8
Southern Door High School | Grades 9-12
Rural Virtual Academy | PreK-Grade 12

Private Schools
Private School Parental Choice Options
Special Needs Scholarship Program
Virtual Charter Schools
Open Enrollment - SCDSD Policy 5113 – Open Enrollment Program (Inter-District)
Dual Enrollment

Early College Credit Program - SDCSD Policy 2271 – Early College Credit Program
Start College Now
Part-Time Open Enrollment - SDCSD Policy 5113.01 – Part-Time Open Enrollment
Other Programs
Articulation, Advanced Standing, Transcripted Credit, Advanced Placement)
Home-Based Private Education - SDCSD Policy 9270 – Home-Based, Private, or Tribal Schooling

Youth Apprenticeship Program (HS)
Contact STUDENT SERVICES for questions about YA.
YA Flyer & NEWYA Student Form


Each Fall, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issues Accountability Report Cards for schools and districts in the state. Districts are required to notify parents of the Accountability Report Cards and ratings.

Southern Door County School District Report Card: Exceeds Expectations
Southern Door High School Report Card: Exceeds Expectations
Southern Door Middle School Report Card: Meets Expectations
Southern Door Elementary School Report Card: Exceeds Expectations

Link to Report Cards: Current Year & Past Years


The Southern Door County School District has adopted the Wisconsin Academic Standards.