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  • The district will deep clean on a daily basis.
  • The school district classrooms and work spaces will be furnished with hand sanitizer along with the main entrances, cafeterias, auditorium and gyms being furnished with hand sanitizer stands.
  • Plexiglass/acrylic barriers will be installed in identified high risk areas, such as offices, libraries, and where multiple students sit at tables/learning areas.
  • Access to office and building will be phased in and continuously evaluated using the risk assessment done by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.
  • Cleaning of the playground equipment will follow the CDC.GOV guidelines.
  • Students will have individual lockers.
  • Students will enter and exit through designated doors. PK-3 will use door #41, grades 4-8 will use door #1 and high school will use door #11 in the morning, and those riding the bus, use door #5 in the afternoon.
  • The district will limit non-essential visitors and visits during the school day.
  • Access to facilities before/after school hours by the public will be curtailed. 
Facilities blue button
Until further notice, in order to facilitate increased cleaning needs, requests by the public to use indoor facilities are on hold until a modified facility use process reflecting additional health & safety parameters is developed.