Hello Southern Door Students & Families!

My name is Sara Mueller, and I am with the Door County Fair (I also happen to be a Southern Door Music Teacher!). I wanted to reach out to you all about the opportunity the fair offers for all of your children.

This year, we have opened up our School Exhibit program to include students in grades K-12. This program allows students to enter up to 5 projects they made in school to be exhibited at the Fair, and get feedback from certified judges. When students enter a project, they also get a pass that gets them into the fair FOR FREE the entire week  and they get paid premiums based on the rating of their project! Projects entered can be anything - an English essay, a pottery piece, resumes, informative displays, wood/metal projects, STEAM program projects, etc. If they made it in school, we would love to showcase it!

Our goal at the fair is always to celebrate the talents of our county's residents, and so many great things happen within our schools!! Attached is an informational letter that explains the process and where to find more information to register for this year's fair.

Thank you for your consideration!

Sara Mueller

Southern Door Music Teacher

Door County Fair Board Secretary

Posted by jmeacham On 20 April, 2022 at 3:33 PM