When your child had their picture taken last week they received a printed sheet that displays two picture proof options. This sheet also contains your son’s or daughter’s  unique reference code that will be needed for online ordering of pictures. Once you have this proof sheet please visit the link below to place a picture order online. The photos are not available for viewing online and you must place an individual order for each child.

School Code: SDES2020

Please note that orders received after the due date are subject to increased rates and fees as well as delayed processing. If you are unable to order online please contact our customer care team and we will work with you to place an order an alternative way.

Thank you for your order and preserving a timeless image of your son’s or daughter’s school year. 

Warmest regards,

Harmann Studios
[email protected]

Posted by jmeacham On 08 September, 2020 at 5:24 PM