Elem: April Newsletter 

Dear Southern Door Elementary Families,

You are AMAZING!  It’s true! Be proud of all you are handling right now!  It’s definitely not easy, but we can become stronger by working TOGETHER!  Thank you for being role models of perseverance by not giving up even when things get hard.  We are here for you during these challenging times, so please reach out to us if we can provide support.  

Elementary Middle School Playground Project Update
In total, we have now secured $546,781.26 of the total project cost (91% of our overall goal). We submitted two additional grant applications last week and continue to seek funding from a variety of resources. If you are aware of any additional grant funding opportunities or employee match programs, please contact me to share more information.

Teacher Requests
Our classroom teachers, special education teachers, math and reading interventionists, school counselor, and principal consider a variety of factors when developing class lists and determining specific student placements for the following school year.  The window for parents to submit teacher requests for the 2020-21 school year is April 14-24. New this year, parents may email me, [email protected].wi.us, to schedule a phone conference to discuss specific reasons for submitting a teacher request. Requests will not be accepted after April 24, 2020.

Together in education,
Cory Vandertie

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