2021-2022 School Year Updates

  • Registration:  Online registration opens Wednesday, July 19, 2021. Families new to the district or those needing assistance, may contact their respective school office to schedule an appointment to register.
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Teaching and Learning

  • Southern Door will bring all students back for in-person instruction, following the district calendar.
  • Wisconsin School Compulsory Attendance applies to both in-person and remote settings. (Wis. Stat. 118.15, 1a)
  • Educational practices are dependent upon risk levels and administrative collaboration.
  • Field trips and gatherings will be determined on a case by case basis. 
  • Parents will have the option of having virtual meetings (Special Education, English Learners, Special Health Conditions, & 504).
  • Students absent due to COVID-19 confirmed quarantine will have access to instruction through a virtual option.
  • If a short-term absence exists due to covid-19, please contact your building principal.
Classroom Conditions
  • All efforts will be made to sanitize materials between use and individual supplies will be used when possible.
  • Teachers will provide 3 ft. physical distancing, as much as possible, within classroom settings
  • Only staff, district approved vendors, and essential volunteers will be able to access the building
  • Parents will be able to access the school office.
  • Symptom screenings will be completed for all visitors.
After-School Program
  • The elementary 21 CCLC after-school program will operate for grades 4K-5, following same in-person guidelines.  Enrollment for the program is now available.
  • The middle school Boys and Girls program will operate for grades 6-8, following same in-person guidelines.  Enrollment for the program is now available
Additional Professional Development Planned
  • The school district will provide professional development that includes curriculum, mental health, technology, health & safety, and instructional best practices. This will be on-site for staff and substitutes, during predetermined summer days and August in-service to prepare staff for on-boarding students for the new school year. 
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Should there be a need for the district to convert to remote learning, staff will provide instruction during the usual school day via Google Classroom, using district curriculum resources, following the regular school day/bell schedule, and from their classroom (unless Safer at Home order dictates otherwise)