Elizabeth Huntley

Welcome to Our Classroom!

Welcome everyone to the 2018-2019 school year! I’m excited to begin teaching at Southern Door, I’m delighted to meet you and become a part of the learning community. I have heard a lot about the students of Southern Door and I’m happy to be working with a group of kind, respectful and eager learners. This year we can expect to lay the foundation for a successful high school career. This year I'll be teaching ELA 8, Honors Sophomore and Sophomore English classes.

I’ll continue to work with the Wisconsin State Standards to implement scaffolding for students. We will work on reading fiction, non-fiction and current events; we’ll work on writing in journals, fiction and analysis, too. All reading and writing assignments will be broken into smaller segments designed for student success.

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Teaching Assignment: ELA 8, Honors Sophomore and Sophomore English 

Sophomore English
Honors Sophomore English