Naomi Files

High School Instrumental Music

I am a 2013 graduate of the University of WI - Stevens Point with a degree in Instrumental and General Music Education. I have been teaching at Southern Door High School in September of 2014. I teach three classes at Southern Door High School; Band, AP Music Theory, and Music Technology.

Band is, as one might expect, a year long class in which students will play in concert band, marching band, and pep band. Students will also have the opportunity to join jazz ensemble, pit orchestra, and other extra-curricular musical groups. 

AP Music Theory is a one semester class with the AP test scheduled near the end of second semester. Students will learn the finer details of music, diving into key signatures, chord identifications, music analysis, and much more.

Music Technology is a class for those who like music, but would rather focus on the "offstage" aspects of performance. This includes, stage tech, recording, and creating music using programs such as Audacity and Garageband.

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Teaching Assignment: HS Instr. Music (Band)
Music Technology
AP Music Theory

Other Assignments: HS Jazz Band
HS Pep Band
HS Pit Orchestra