Cory Vandertie

Greetings Eagle fans!

I am thrilled to be a member of this outstanding school community!  Serving as the Principal at Southern Door Elementary School is as great an honor as it is a responsibility!

Our school believes that genuine collaboration fosters ownership of a rich school culture. Parents, teachers, support staff, community, and administration all have important roles to encourage our children to become active, independent life-long learners.  Staying interested in our children’s futures, their safety at school and their ability to develop personal responsibility and a strong work ethic will remain a priority.

All of us at Southern Door understand that teaching must begin with helping all children come together into a learning community made up of unique individuals, each with his or her own learning styles, interests, history, and hopes.  Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”  At Southern Door, we will continue to focus on our mission which is, “ensuring that all children learn. Through our work as a collaborative community, our students will develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve at a high level.  We do this so our students can meet future challenges and be contributing members of our global society.”  Our passion, love of learning and teaching, and desire to see each and every student reach their highest potential will continue to be evident in everything we do!

As we look forward to the future, we envision Southern Door Elementary School as a place where excellence in education means educating the whole child and embracing diversity.  It is our responsibility to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and beliefs that are essential for a productive and successful 21st century life.  Strong communication between home and school forms the basis for the caring, nurturing, family atmosphere that is essential to Southern Door.  This atmosphere promotes excellence in teaching that results in high academic achievement and enables all children to realize personal excellence at all levels.

I am optimistic that this is going to be a GREAT school year!  Please join us as we work together to make Southern Door Elementary a place children love to attend, a place in which parents believe their children are receiving a top-notch education, and a place in which teachers express their joy of working with pride!

Come see what we’re about by contacting me, (920) 825-7321 or email me at

Mr. Cory Vandertie


Eagle PROUD!  Eagle STRONG!

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Cory Vandertie
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