Regular Enrollment:

We are pleased that you have chosen to become part of our community. Serving more than 1,000 students in grades PreK-12, the Southern Door County School District is focused on providing a strong academic foundation for every child to ensure their success through their school years and beyond. 

Fax icon.
School districts can fax record requests to Sally Vandertie at 920-825-7558 or email to svandertie@southerndoor.k12.wi.us.

District registrar, Sally Vandertie.
To begin registration, email Sally Vandertie at svandertie@southerndoor.k12.wi.us.  I can also be reached at 920-825-7321 x1107.  My FAX number is 920-825-7558.

Enrollment step photo #1: Legal Birth Certificate.
Please provide a legal birth certificate, which will provide proof of age and correct spelling of legal name.

Enrollment directions photo #1: proof of address. 
Verify that your address is in-district. Your address will need to be verified that it is in the Southern Door School District.  We can do this for you, or you can use this website to check.

Provide proof of address.  This can be a driver's license, tax receipt, utility bill, rental agreement, or bank checkbook with your name and address imprinted on it.  Form: Verification of Residency

Enrollment directions photo #3: Immunization records.
Please provide immunization records.  If you are coming from out-of-state, parents provide immunization records to the district.  If you are already living in Wisconsin, our school nurse can locate your child's records through the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.  Parents may choose to complete the immunization waiver form.  Form:  English   Spanish

Enrollment directions photo #4: completed enrollment form.
The Southern Door County School District utilizes an online enrollment process.  

Enrollment directions photo #5: language survey.
Please complete the language survey.  The online registration portal will lead you through the process.  The form below is for your reference, if you'd like to see the permissions ahead of time.  Form:  English  Spanish

Enrollment directions photo #6: permissions and acknowledgements consent.
Complete the annual permissions and acknowledgements consent form.  The online registration portal will lead you through the process.  The form below is for your reference, if you'd like to see the permissions ahead of time.
Form: Annual Consent Form

Enrollment directions photo #7: current IEP.
If your child currently has an IEP (for Special Education students), please bring in a copy of it.

Enrollment directions photo #8: health concerns/permissions to disclose.
Finally, complete the Health Concerns/Permission to Disclose Physical Health Care Records if there are any special needs that we need to be aware of prior to having your child assigned to their teacher/classroom.  This will help us to make modifications to best meet your child's needs.

Open Enrollment:

The open enrollment period for 2020-21 has ended.  Please use the Alternative Open Enrollment Form for the 2020-21 school year after July 1, 2020.

Completing the Open Enrollment process is the first step to register your child in the Southern Door School District.  Once  your open enrollment is approved, you then begin the regular registration process, as outlined under "Regular Enrollment" above.  Email Sally Vandertie at svandertie@southerndoor.k12.wi.us.